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DeniaSchool® - Timetable - Product Overview

DeniaSchool® - Timetable is a comprehensive and intelligent tool for generating faultless timetables with the minimum effort. Timetables can be generated either automatically where the system suggests a full timetable with zero conflicts based on previously set rules, or manually where the classes distribution is being set based on the user preference.
The system offers a wide set of configurable settings that enables maximum flexibility in manipulating timetable variables:

  • Week Setting: defining the week settings per the academic year, determining the type of each day (Weekend/Study) and the number of periods and recesses in it, Determining the publish policy and the maximum number of the last period for each teacher per week;

  • Week Schedule: defining the week schedule according to grade levels per academic year, administrator can set the time for periods and recesses in a flexible and fast way;

  • Groups: when there is any grade that will be divided to more than one group in a specific subject or students will have an optional subjects, the system will solve this issue using groups of subject, In this page the users can create new groups for a specific grade then determine the related sections on which the defined groups will be effected in the timetable generation for each section;

  • Section Plan Groups: after the administrator defines the groups, he/she will need to add the section plans (Subjects, teacher and Facility) to the related group;

  • Week Schedule Grade: connects the grades to the suitable week schedule according to its periods and recesses’ times;

  • Section Plan Rules: set the rules of each section plan per period.

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