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Short Message Service Centre - Product Overview

With the popularity of SMS growing by the day, telecom operators seek to apply latest technologies to ensure messages are being handled in an efficient and productive manner. SMS can add up a lot to the business revenue; ensuring customer satisfaction in this arena is a necessary goal.

® has been especially designed to cater for current and future business requirements of SMS. The system is compatible with gradual operator growth, can be deployed in rapid time, and gives telecom operators the ability to introduce new and advanced services to their subscriber base.

is a Short Message Service Centre that enables operators to allow their customers to send and receive short messages from one Short Message Entity (SME) to another. This SME can be a mobile device, computer, or a messaging application.

The short messages are text-based, limited messages that can be sent over the telecommunication and IP networks and is considered a very basic service that every telecom operator should provide to their customers.

is accessed and maintained through an easy-to-navigate Web interface, and is compliant with the latest 3GPP, ETSI and ITU-T technical standards.

ESMSC® is built over the latest standards of signalling and IP protocols with full and powerful messaging centre capabilities of storing, forwarding, charging, provisioning, etc.

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