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Arab Orient Insurance Company App (AOIC App)

Description: Arab Orient Insurance Company App is basically a total mobile health solution that connects users to the Arab Orient products and services through their Android Phone and iPhone devices. It is developed to facilitate looking for the registered providers and presenting the available products in the Arab Orient Insurance Network.

The App will help the users to view an electronic version of the medical and motor networks. It will also help them to view information on Arab Orient products and get quotations on predefined ones. In addition, the App will receive health tips and news, and display Ads.

  • The user can benefit from the App by finding his/her preferable registered providers in the Insurance Network.
  • The App provides an attractive way to group his/her favorite providers for rapid return.
  • The user can simply find the nearby providers according to his/her location.
  • The Insurance Company will interact with the user through the App by notifications describing any changes in the Insurance network like added/deleted providers.
  • The App motivates the users to integrate healthy habits into their daily life like calculating the Body Mass Index.
  • The App facilitates sending feedback to the Insurance Company about any related issues.
  • The App helps the providers and other parties to present Ads for the user.
  • The App facilitates checking the available products in the Insurance Company.
  • The App facilitates to the interested users getting an idea about the rate for specific products.
  • The App provides the ability to work offline (without internet connection).
  • The App is available for the registered in the Insurance Company and any other guests.
  • The App presents information about the Insurance Company.