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People and Culture

Who we are :

 Software founded in the year 2000 is a Jordanian/Swedish software development house that encompasses a unique technical expertise in Information Technology in the areas of Telecom, Enterprise, and Internet. In addition to our creative methodologies we believe that our people are our main source of competitive advantage. ESKADENIA Software is committed to "Equal Opportunities" in its Recruitment & Sales policy, which specifies that all employees and customers will be provided equal and impartial treatment not withstanding their race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, gender or any other orientation, status or disability. Our Mission in the HR Department is to be the employer of choice.

Words from the Human Resources Director at ESKADENIA
There is just no doubt in my mind that the most important factor in recruiting and retaining people is creating a positive and specifically a motivational work environment.

Certainly benefits can play a role in that, but the key at least in my experience is that each employee feels a sense of satisfaction and recognised accomplishment if not every day, then virtually every day. 

It all comes down to making a place people love to come and work at and that has a little to do with benefits and space and furniture; but much more to do with how management, from first line supervision to CEO deals with employees throughout the day, each and every day. 

It is all too easy to see motivation in benefits and tools like computers and furniture, it is much more difficult but much more meaningful to develop and implement a truly motivational management culture.