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The ESKADENIA logomark is the cornerstone of the ESKADENIA Brand Identity Programme. It serves as the immediate identification of ESKADENIA. It reflects and projects our brand profile, instantly communicating the essence of ESKADENIA. The logomark is defined as the combination of the initials of ESKADENIA with the banner graphic.


The ESKADENIA name is an inspiration derived from the Turkish word “Eski Dünya” to reflect the idea of the ESKADENIA company, taking clients from one old world to a new world of ICT, on board a sailing boat communicated in its logo.
The Boat Symbol: the boat symbol reflects the concept of sailing with our customers into new oceans of success.
The line extending before and after the boat: reflects the idea of sailing with speed and consistency. The little part extending after the boat reflects the idea that sailing is continuous and the way is ahead to more achievement and successes.
The blue background in the logo: reflects the sea and new horizons yet to be explored.
The orange colour: reflects energy, enthusiasm and youth.
The black font colour: reflects solidity and strength.
The FULL CAPS in ESKADENIA reflects balance and confidence.
The corporate name ESKADENIA is phonetically pronounced as (əskæ‘dəniæ) with the accent on denia (ESKA ‘DENIA).