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ESKADENIA Software will have its continued strength in the competence, dedication and loyalty of its Human Resources. The management is determined to ensure a modern style management and focus on providing an excellent working environment, competence development and job and employee satisfaction. The company adapts a compensation level higher than that of the market. The variable benefit part is a considerable portion of the total compensation package. This is to encourage an entrepreneurship spirit in the company and to align the individual objectives with that of the enterprise. The variable portion of the compensation package includes an amount paid and reserved by the company for investment purposes, a generous bonus scheme and an optional programme for all technical and marketing staff. We provide core competence in the following areas: Software Design, E-Business Web Site designs and Wireless Service applications.
Competence Development & HR Training: Our training plan provides in-house training for all core technical competences as well as external training for other companies in the areas of Internet applications, WAP, Software Design and Mobile Internet.

Our Human Resources experts offer training courses in the following areas:

These courses are in addition to strengthening our corporate culture, they are essential for the creation of competent and highly motivated middle management and company leaders.