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DeniaSchool® - IB Program - Product Overview

DeniaSchool® - IB Programs system consists of modules that manage PYP, MYP and Diploma levels.

Moreover, the system provides the following functionalities:
  • Allow assigning coordinators for IBDP, MYP, and PYP levels.
  • Allow teachers to manage the curriculums, calendars, past papers and share them to students.
  • Allow students to see the IB Calendar deadlines and check all the announcements and materials.
  • Allow teachers to fill the assessments with the same IB program’s needs.
  • Provide forms for IB programs and exams registration submitted by the students or their parents.
  • Provide facilities to publish files for the users such as (Syllabi, Handbook and Past Papers).
  • View and download files submitted by students.
  • Contact the coordinator by e-mail.
  • Allow teachers and coordinators to manage and follow-up the work done for Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay courses.
  • Allow teachers to fill the predicted grades and do periodic calculations for university submissions.
  • Allow the University Advisor to print the students’ achievement and progress.
  • CAS requirements.
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