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Financial System - Product Overview

Tracking your company's financial information is a key to success. In today's business world, it is absolutely essential to get your accounting department automated quickly and easily. Being able to produce comprehensive and tailored financial reports and balance sheets will allow you to track your revenue and expenses and see at a glance where you need to trim costs and increase revenue in order to improve profitability and meet your financial objectives.

The Financial System consists of the following modules: ‎

General Ledger ‎

The General Ledger module is the core module of the Financial System. Its consistent transaction ‎processing, flexible account formatting, and extensive reporting provide comprehensive financial control. ‎The user can build a flexible and consolidated Chart of Accounts to maintain and automate your company’s ‎overall balance and financial statements.‎

The General Ledger module supports allocation processing to enable the user to distribute the value of a ‎single account into a series of accounts based on certain criteria. Moreover, adding and closing fiscal years ‎is easily managed in the module.‎ 

Accounts Payable (AP) / Accounts Receivable (AR)

The AP and AR modules help manage the company’s cash flow process by simplifying the entry of ‎supplier/customer invoices, maintaining flexible cash disbursements, and managing post-dated cheques.‎

Cash Management

The Cash Management module provides an effective and easy way to manage your company’s cash ‎transactions. Through integration with the AP and AR modules, the module provides quick analysis of the ‎enterprise’s cash requirements to ensure optimal use of cash resources.‎

Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets module provides accurate management and tracking of your company’s fixed assets.
The user can define detailed profiles of the company’s fixed assets and classify these assets into different ‎categories. Location and custody of each asset is tracked and managed for every time period.


Investment Module defines the enterprises that the management will have the interest to invest in, the investment department study and analyses the financial information and ratios of that enterprise, upon study approval the system will be able to process investment activities on that enterprise.


The Shareholder module handles all the activities related to shareholders such as selling/Buying shares, Distributing profits, holding meetings and sending invitations.
All other systems can be integrated with the shareholder module and be part of its results.


The Collection module provides the provision to generate commissions at time of collection based on specific setup and rules, for multiple types of business, with the ability to set a hierarchal format for commission calculations, each layer can generate commission based on certain premium income with proper commission percentage, according to the business rules applied within the organization. Moreover the user can choose the details of the payment methods whether it is cash, cheque or bank transfer, etc., the system will keep the information until the user confirms this process, the last step will be performed by the cashier by issuing the payment or getting the receipts, and accordingly the system will auto generate all the vouchers (payment, receipt, or commissions) and net the customer balance.
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