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Transportation Management System

The Passengers Transportation module provides the Fleet Management module with the passenger program route plan details. When Passengers Transportation users build the route plans for the coming days, Fleet Management users can view this information in real time.

The route plans may be internal and external: internal such as Amman - Aqaba - Amman; external such as Amman - Damascus - Amman.

These routes are usually known and the Passenger Transportation user can build these trip plans for a certain time ahead such as a month. This enables the Fleet Management module users to follow up on the vehicle and driver movements.

The Fleet Management module provides the ability to accept and store the actual transportation route details after the driver finishes the trip. The driver fills a route trip card from the departure point until the arrival point and submits the trip card to the Transportation Manager.

The Fleet Management tracks each trip as it takes place and has the ability to record the trip card details into the system. The Transportation Manager can view both the trip plan details and the actual trip route details.

As a result, the system can provide users with statistical reports done for each trip and the level of expenses incurred.

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