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Cellular Telephones have in a short period changed from being luxury and exotic items to common and necessary devices owned by the majority of people. The technology has, at the same time, developed to an impressing extent; devices have become smaller, displays larger, and data transmission and access to the Internet is now abundant through hand held devices.

The personal nature of Wireless Devices and the availability of these devices at all times and anywhere makes them very attractive for usage in a myriad of applications.

The combination of the Wireless and Internet technologies has opened the door to a range of applications limited only by the imagination of the users.

ESKADENIA Software has teams of competent resources with experience in developing wireless applications that benefit businesses and individuals in accessing information, entertainment features, personal planning data, etc.

provides a wide range of wireless products and services including a Short Message Service Centre, Multimedia Messaging Centre (MMS-C), Messaging Gateway, and Content Delivery System.

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