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Supply Chain Management - Product Overview

ESKA® Business Manager - ‎Supply Chain Management ‎System (SCM) provides industry-specific solutions and processes which in turn help organizations and customers obtain better information and make smarter decisions and best possible results.

The SCM System integrates with the transportation module and provides best-in-class applications in ‎inventory management, purchasing, sales and operations management.‎

The SCM System consists of the following modules: ‎


The Inventory module is a multi-location inventory management module that integrates comprehensively ‎with the Sales Management and the Purchase Order modules, delivering detailed and precise information ‎about the inventory items by keeping track of the stock levels, inventory receipts, shipments, returns and ‎inventory adjustments.‎

Purchase Order ‎

The Purchase Order module provides control over the purchasing cycle and automates a range of ‎purchasing activities. It is integrated with the Inventory, AP and General Ledger modules to maintain ‎updated records of inventory levels and supplier balances.

Sales Management ‎

The Sales Management module handles all sales quotations, orders, invoices, order tracking needs, and ‎cash sale transactions. It is fully integrated with the Inventory and AR modules to provide up-to-date reports ‎of inventory levels and the status of customer accounts. ‎

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