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Messaging Gateway - Product Overview

ESKA® Messaging Gateway is a business tool that allows companies to interact with their clients by sending SMS, MMS and E-mail messages. It offers solutions to the corporate sectors to improve their productivity and customer service and enable more efficient use of time and resources.
It also allows the creation of push and pull channels which provides content from the company to its subscribers and vise-versa. The content may be sent on the spot or scheduled depending on the content type, and subscribers are able to request for any content whenever they want.

ESKA® Messaging Gateway can be implemented as a stand-alone application or integrate with existing software. In addition, the multi-company feature of the system enables many companies to use it at the same time.

ESKA® Messaging Gateway enables users to send scheduled messages and templates to groups and members with a certain sender.

The product has a friendly and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface enabling rapid application development and management for the client groups and system settings, in addition to composing and sending messages.
Messages can be automated and sent based on rules and events. This makes the system very flexible. It also gives users the ability to automatically handle large numbers of messages, which saves time and money, and is less error prone.

The system is robust and scalable and can be installed on a number of hardware and platforms from laptops running Windows to servers running UNIX.

ESKA® Messaging Gateway consists of two systems; ESKA® Messaging Gateway and ESKA® CNS:

ESKA® Messaging Gateway is offered as a cloud based software solution to be used by non-operator based firms to push general messages to a defined bulk of users.

ESKA® CNS is mainly used by operators in order to provide bill related information to a dynamic group of users
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