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Medical Insurance - Product Overview

ESKA® Insures - Medical Insurance System is a self-contained system that supports modular software applications, integrated together to provide innovative management of medical insurance transactions in an efficient and comprehensive manner. The system supports Group and Individual Business Lines, along with several types of carriers such as Medical Insurance companies and TPA’s.

The Medical Insurance System is a user friendly application used to manipulate production, medical networks, claims management, and reinsurance operations for groups and individuals. Being a pioneer in the insurance software industry, ESKADENIA Software’s insurance knowledge and its systems’ compliance with governmental regulations add more value to product richness and flexibility.

The Medical Insurance System provides the ability to import data through excel such as individual policies, group members, provider’s price lists, and Network/Reimbursement Claims. Through e-portal modules; members, policy holders, and providers have the ability to review data and submit claims according to defined user privileges.

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