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Mediation Gateways - Product Overview

Billions of calls and event records are being generated each day by wireless networks. To maintain revenue integrity and assurance, these records must be accurately collected from network switches and service platforms, properly managed, and smartly delivered to downstream billing systems.

With the exponential increase of sophisticated data services, there is an evident need for intelligent, convergent and scalable mediation gateways to meet the billing requirements of telecom operators.

ESKA® Mediation Gateway is a full-blown mediation system that acts as an integration layer and critical link between diverse network elements including switches, IN platforms, GPRS nodes on one side, and user applications such as billing, customer care, fraud management, interconnect, and roaming on the other side.

Our Mediation Gateways can be easily connected to various nodes delivered by Global Telecom network suppliers, including Ericsson, Siemens, Nokia, Alcatel, and Huawei.
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