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Life Insurance - Key Features

  • Full support of products targeting individuals; single and joint, as well as corporate, with dynamic inclusion of benefits; both death and supplemental.
  • Configurable and parameterized risks’ classification and rating.
  • Hierarchical sales network structuring, administration and remuneration.
  • Governance of all aspects of the sales activities across the diverse distribution channels.
  • Efficient normal and target-related commissions and bonuses calculation and suspension.
  • Compliant illustrations and projection tables’ generation.
  • Advanced underwriting engine.
  • Comprehensive policy administration; alterations, benefits and services.
  • Funds and portfolio management via units’ allocation and de-allocation.
  • Mortality tables, dynamic actuarial formulae structuring and provisions calculation.
  • Claims’ handling from notification of incident to payments’ management.
  • Full support of reinsurance agreements; proportional and non-proportional treaties and facultative plans.
  • Alternating interaction and integration with the financial entity.
  • Effective statistical and analytical results through reporting and dashboards.
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