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Intranet - Key Features

  • Accessibility: sign to the intranet using windows or form authentication.
  • Single sign on: support single sign to access all ESKADENIA Product.
  • Document Library, manage and classify documents on the portal.
  • Conference Rooms: book conference room with outlook integration.
  • HR Vacation and Leaves: display the report in list or chart view .
  • HR Employee Directory: display employees from HR system .
  • Full Text Search: Full-text Document and content search on demand.
  • Internal announcement: manage announcement and regulation on the Intranet portals.
  • Employee List: manage employee list such as employee of the month , Employee ambassadors.
  • HR list, display HR list such as new employees or birthday list.
  • Integration with Public Website: display website content on Intranet such as media and articles.
  • Workflow, Forms Application Builder: build application forms with or without workflow process.
  • Get Started & Support
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