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ESKA® Insures is a comprehensive suite that consists of ten different software products tailored to meet the largest set of business requirements for the insurance industry.

ESKA® Insures stands in a unique position for its innovation, powerful core business expertise, integrated support systems, and quality of service.

The Insurance Software Suite

ESKA® Insures consists of core insurance and business support systems that are built in a modular yet integrated structure. Insurance companies may invest either in a single product or several products of choice, or even the complete suite. All systems are web-based and use the same technology for seamless integration.

  • Core Insurance software Systems
    ESKA® Insures
    offers a set of powerful and modular insurance systems that automate the complete insurance lifecycle:
    • General Insurance system.
    • Medical Insurance system.
    • Life Insurance system.
    • Travel Insurance system.
    • E-Insurance system.
  • Integrated Support Systems
    ESKA® Insures tightly integrates with the following ESKADENIA products, providing comprehensive management of all operations, which proved to enhance productivity and efficiency in leading insurance companies:
    • Financial Management system.
    • Human Resources Management system.
    • Customer Relationship Management system.
    • Workflow and Document Management systems.
    • Management Information system.  
  • Get Started & Support
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