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DeniaSchool® - Grading and Certification - Product Overview

The Certification module enables the users to enter marks, comments, and generate reports for the students. The module provides the following functionalities:

  • Allow the teachers to easily fill in the marks according to the academic subjects and for different type of assessments (Monthly, Formal, and Habit).
  • Provide the ability to enter predefined comments for each student by the teacher and the homeroom teacher.
  • Calculate automatically percentages, average marks, cumulative marks, and ranks in class.
  • Provide student performance information in a particular subject or all subjects.
  • Provide maximum, minimum, and highest marks acquired in each subject.
  • Generate and print individual academic report cards for each student at a keystroke according to a selected format.
  • Provide a view table to enable students and their parents to view results and marks online.
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