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DeniaUniversity® - Portals - Product Overview

DeniaUniversity® - Portals module is designed to enable students, teachers, parents and alumni to access the system using a colorful and a user friendly interface:

The Student Portal provides the below functionalities:
Online Registration. 
Exams Marks and Notes. 
Assignments and Projects. 
Online payment for outstanding fees or any chargeable activities. 

The Parents Portal enables the parents to see all their sons records, interacting with the staff in addition to the online payment when necessary.

The Teacher Portal helps teacher to perfom the below:
Log students attendance.
Manage and follow-up students assignments.
Upload documents and share any to students or other groups using Desk space tool. 
Interact efficiently and effectively with parents, students and types of users; 
Manage the process of entering and verifying the marks. 
Read sections and exams timetable. 

The Alumni Portal:
The Alumni can access this portal at any time to manage his/her qualifications, certificates, trainings and experience records.
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