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Document Management - Key Features

  • Full control of inward and outward documents. ‎

  • Simple and easy cabinet management. ‎

  • Solid access control per cabinets, folders and documents. ‎

  • Simple document annotation with version control. ‎

  • User stamps and signature to provide paper-less operations. ‎

  • Integration with inward and outward fax and address them to the proper recipients. ‎

  • Optimized search and document indexing for documents name and content. ‎

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to provide search within images data. ‎

  • Rearranges folders from one cabinet to another in a simple manner. ‎

  • Microsoft Office Add-on to annotate office documents and automated synchronizing with the system. ‎

  • Manage document versions to keep history of each update on the document. ‎

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