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ESKA® Academia DeniaSchool® is a state of the art software system for the management and e-enabling of educational institutions, including schools and universities. The system helps in making education an enjoyable experience and provides an easy-to-use suite of Web-based tools to perform the never-ending daily routines of such institutions.

By providing advanced institutional management tools, up-to-date information, and a rich variety of online resources, ESKA® Academia DeniaSchool® takes its users a step further towards excellence.

Built on a choice of databases and using the latest Microsoft .NET technology, ESKA® Academia DeniaSchool® provides a seamless integration of functions to maintain the best in the management of educational institutions. The system serves an unlimited number of users and enables effective communication and interaction within the educational pyramid (students, instructors and parents). Its flexibility and scalability allow for expansion, which is achieved by adding new integrated modules and making the system customisable to the optimal utilisation of modern institutions.

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