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Convergent Rating - Product Overview

Until recent times, the two major streams in the telecommunications industry have been post-paid and prepaid subscriptions. Solution providers developed and maintained two separate systems; one for post-paid customers and the other for prepaid customers. This introduced high development and maintenance cost to both the operator and the solution provider.

Due to the constantly increasing demand for higher flexibility and competitiveness in the telecommunication market, operators and vendors developed the need to acquire smarter solutions that provide them with the flexibility they need to remain competitive in the industry.
In addition to being able to handle both types of subscriptions, these solutions have to provide the operator with great flexibility to define any type of promotions, discounts, loyalty bonuses, and use them in any combination to offer their customers unique packages. In addition to that, the smarter solution is expected to allow operators to introduce new services or variations of existing ones without the need for major re-development.

ESKA® Convergent Rating system is the heart of such a solution; it is responsible for rating and charging transactions in real-time as well as offline.
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