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Convergent Billing and CRM - Product Overview

ESKA® BCRM is a convergent user-friendly, vital and powerful web-based tool to achieve successful end-to-end customer care services. It is used for administration of customer-related information and order handling through the numerous functions provided that manages various orders created throughout its life cycle in terms of creating, changing, archiving and terminating orders.

The convergent nature of the Customer Care module enables and facilitates the management of multiple subscription payment types; postpaid, prepaid and hybrid, over multiple service types; such as Voice, SMS, MMS, etc.

The Customer Care module is integrated with powerful in-house systems such as Billing, Rating and Inventory Management systems, as well as third party systems such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Computer-Telephony systems (CTI).

The Customer Care module is fully integrated with many network elements using different protocols and formats. The system provides raw data to be delivered to the mediation device for service actions, as well as retrieving customer details and calls related details easily and efficiently.

ESKA® BCRM consists of the following modules:

- Customer Care
- Billing and Invoicing Management
- Account Receivables
- POS and Deposit Management
- Ticketing Management System
- Mobile Number Portability (MNP).
- Customer Web Self Care
- Credit Control and Collection
- Renewal Manager
- Online IN Integration
- Document Management System
- Invoice Generator
- Reporting Manager
- Electronic Transaction Log (ETL)
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