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Content Management System - Product Overview

ESKA® Content Management System (CMS) is a web based content management and design package developed to optimize multi-lingual website creation and administration. User ideas can be dynamically translated into websites without worrying about concurrent web design issues such as breaking code and design consistency. As a result, ESKA® CMS significantly reduces the amount of work done by IT departments on the web design front.

Powered with an easy-to-use interface, ESKA® CMS allows users to create multi-sections and apply data instantly. Webmasters can utilize a wide range of features for their website without the need for the technical knowledge of HTML, XML and/or .NET platforms. User designs can be integrated into websites effortlessly using the ESKA® CMS multi-theme library. When added to the flexibility of integration with ESKADENIA modules, ESKA® CMS becomes the perfect solution for simplifying and enhancing corporate web content management.

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