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Content Management System - Key Features

  • Accessibility
    ESKA®CMS can be accessed through a browser-based interface. This makes the system accessible wherever an Internet connection is available.
  • Scalability
    The system is scalable to cater for websites and portals with a high volume of content and online services, and a large number of system users.
  • Ease-of-Use
    The system is easy-to-use by non-technical staff due to its browser-based interface, folder-based views, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) page editing, extensive linking between pages, and drag-and-drop feature.
  • Administration
    The system provides role-based access control and userpermission management. Through the file-locking feature, multiple webmasters can work on the site at the same time, with no risk of overlapping. In addition, the system provides the webmaster with full control over the website’s life-cycle. The system also allows the administrator to upload and manage files including audio, video, and flash macromedia movies as well as different image types.
  • Multi-Portal Content Management
    ESKA®CMS provides a multi-portal content management tool that allows users to view, add, edit, and delete content and design factors in the multiple websites or portals in hand using designated user names and passwords for each site.
  • Securityt
    ESKA®CMS provides multi-level security for portals, pages, blocks and actions.
  • Multilingual Content Management
    The system supports the creation of multilingual content including non-Latin character sets such as Arabic.
  • Advanced Content Editor
    The system provides rich text composing and editing tools, enabling in-place editing, formatting and hyper-linking of text. Advanced menu and link editors are provided in addition to an HTML editor that is available in every editor page.
  • Search Engine Optimisation
    is built in accordance with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard and applies advanced search engine rules towards increasing website traffic. Raising website ranking in search results can be easily done using ESKA®CMS, as administrators and authorised users can add, update, and manage keywords and Meta tags for any page.
  • Publishing
    facilitates the publishing of sections and pages; sections and sub-sections can be created on the fly. It also provides content validation and editorial control prior to publishing.
  • Complete Website Customisation
    The system provides control over the interface of the website. The webmaster can change the location of captions and menus and determine what to show or hide in a website. In addition, standard messages such as error and welcome messages can be easily set or modified.
  • Templates and Layouts
    The system provides control over the layout of a website or portal; webmasters can change page layout, build setup templates, create new templates, and replace old ones without the need to rebuild a Web page.
  • Design
    provides an easy-to-use wizard to create and update website design themes and Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) that go in harmony with a corporate brand and identity.
  • Advanced Searching
    comes with a powerful search engine that provides website visitors with the flexibility to look for specific words through the website pages. The webmaster can specify the modules that the search engine can access to view requested results. The webmaster can also specify if the search engine can access PDF and Microsoft Office files published on the website.
  • E-community Using
    , webmasters can easily build communities with customised features such as forums, chatting corners, comments, galleries, events, invitations, groups, and message inboxes. Registered users can create their own member profiles; access and view content, discussions and comments made by community members; and post topics and replies in a friendly discussion forum environment.
    E-Commerce and Online Payment Using
    , webmasters can easily add to the website many e-commerce services and features that require payment, including shopping carts. Moreover, webmasters can manage the products offered online under defined categories, and follow up on placed purchase orders. Furthermore, the ESKADENIA E-Commerce services enable organisations to promote their product and service offerings using coupons, loyalty points and wish lists whenever applicable.
  • End-User Services
    provides end-users with many features and services including:
    1. SMS Services ESKA®CMS allows webmasters to offer registered end-users with SMS services. End-users can send SMS messages and schedule SMS alerts of events included in their personal notebook.
    2. Discussion Forums
      Webmasters can create forums of topics to provide an easy way of communication between the website’s registered users.
    3. Form Builder
      provides webmasters with a set of controls to create and design forms (multi pages) and choose the purpose for each form. Webmasters can also send SMS and emails, dynamic call web services, save registered information in a database, and use such information in registration forms.
    4. Polls and Surveys
      Authorised webmasters can use the Poll Generator in ESKA®CMS to create online polls for websites and manage proposed answers. Scheduling can be easily done to publish any poll at a future date.s.
    5. Banners
      allows webmasters to create advertisement banners on websites and manage the duration of the online publishing of each banner.
    6. Menu Builder
      Using ESKA®CMS, webmasters can create and design menus in different layouts and styles using drag-and-drop features. They can also publish content of pages created through the publishing module.
    7. Galleries
      The system enables online webmasters to easily create and manage galleries (video/ audio files, documents and photos) and upload files onto websites for viewing and archiving purposes. Webmasters can as well add tags on published albums for increased searchability of content.
    8. Content and Events
      Administrators and authorised users can smoothly create and manage Web content such as news, careers, and articles. Moreover, ESKA®CMS allows webmasters to easily publish activities and events online.
  • Newsletter and Contacts Administration
    The Newsletter and Contact Administration feature allows webmasters to customise and send newsletters in the form of e-mails to groups of contacts. The Newsletter Management tool allows users to edit newsletter content, create various templates and designs, and preview the resulting newsletter before sending. The tool also allows selecting groups and contacts to send the newsletter to. Users can upload attachments, create groups, add, update and delete contacts. In addition, users can add the subscribers’ mail service and SMTP settings.
  • Reports
    ESKA®CMS provides administrators with statistical reports and charts on e-commerce revenue, e-commerce product notification, user visits, and website hits
  • Get Started & Support
    Click here for all Enstore documentation and our comprehensive get started guide
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