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Asset Management Analysis - Key Features

  • Analyzes multiple companies and run different comparisons to create ranking lists, future forecasting and efficient risk management.

  • Effective fundamental and technical equity analysis for company evaluation.
  • Filter data (e.g. Financial statements) by selecting many variables such as: geographical information, exchange rate, period, sector, ticker, and company financial statement particles.
  • Manage searching formulas and their respective results.
  • Select from different viewing styles and options for the produced results.
  • Build economic indicator formulas through a specialised formula builder similar to the rules engine.
  • Set automatic data download from any data provider (e.g. Bloomberg, Reuters) of choice.
  • Flexibly include the economic indicators as part of the filtering criteria, or use results in nested formula building in the rules engine for financial modelling.
  • Manually enter values for economic indicators.
  • Manage searching formulas and their respective results.
  • Automatic and timely setting of data fetching, downloading and storing operations for the required stocks and their relative information (tickers, currency exchange rates, opening and closing prices, etc).
  • Manual data fetching in case of technical difficulties.
  • Stored data is made available for other functions to support filtering and formula building for analysis.
  • Empowered decision making.
  • Facilitate the structuring of formula or nested formulas to accommodate for considerably complex financial modelling.
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